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The Way of Knit

My name is Cindy Colbert, and I am the creator and heart behind Knit Focused. Knitting is an irresistible passion for me. I knit everywhere. My passion for knitting and creating, with a focus on positive thoughts and love, was the inspiration for this website.

Knitting focuses my mind on a physical task, enabling me to let go of unwanted thought, regularly calling my attention back to the soothing activity of knit and purl – and the completion of row after row.

I live in Trinity, North Carolina, with my husband and two children. Bo, my husband, is an avid biker; and while you may find yarn and needles strewn all over our living area, you will also notice bike frames and tools mingled throughout. We are a support system for each other, especially when it comes to our individual interests. Our two teenagers, Zac and Mallory, have grown up around knitting and have been conditioned to life surrounded by yarn. They tag along on trips to knitting stores and multiple knitting events.

I have been knitting for forty-four years and designing my own patterns for the past ten years. I have had several published and continue to create, sell and share my patterns and creations with the world. I can’t imagine life without yarn. It has made me who I am today.

Tip of the Needle

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